4 Cannabis Seo Tips To Consider When Marketing Your Cannabis Business (Sponsored Post)

In the past, if you wanted to start a cannabis business and get clients, all you had to do was set up a website and that’s about it. However, these days, you won’t be able to generate much business if you don’t consider doing some cannabis seo. Therefore, if you have a cannabis business, be sure to follow the tips below to get more exposure and traffic.

Gather Reviews

After you’ve set up some listings on a few directories, including Google, you need to ask your clients to leave some reviews for you. After well, when potential clients see positive reviews, they’ll feel inclined to buy from you.

Run a blog

A big part of cannabis seo is to have a blog, since this is a great way to generate traffic. Just make sure to post quality articles on it regularly and soon enough you’re going to see some movement.

Apply On-Site SEO strategies

If you’re not really the technical type, then you may need to get some help from a search engine optimization professional for this one. This is actually a very important step to getting more exposure, so don’t miss it.

Speaking of effective SEO strategies, one that’s going to bring you a lot of traffic needs to combine KW strategy, title tags, header tags, but also image alt/title tags, content structure, URLs, 301 redirects, and top notch web development.

Take Advantage Of Google Analytics

Last but not least, you should definitely use Google Analytics. This way, you’ll know exactly what strategy works and what strategy you need to disregard. Better yet, since there are many website analytics out there and many can be installed easily, finding one shouldn’t be a problem.